Friday, March 16, 2012

A child in me

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Who doesn't love toys?  We grew up pampered by our parents with toys, cheap or  a bit pricey.  My mother would never come home empty handed after coming from the market.  She herself loves dolls and she gladly plays with me when she has the free time. She used to sew dresses for my dolls especially my Barbie dolls. It wasn't really hard for me to convince her to buy me the popular dolls of my era like the Rageddy Anne, Monchichi and Cabbage Patch.
When I came here in Singapore, it was my turn to pamper her with her collection of dolls.  I bought her Barbie dolls, Bratz among others. All her collections are prominently displayed in our living room, a sweet reminder of my Mama.

I managed to resist my cravings to buy the Sylvanian dolls, but the cuteness of Lalaloopsy is really irresistible.
So here are my mini Laloopsy dolls!

I just altered a wooden box I bought from daiso with MM paint and Amy Tangerine fabric paper.  All the furnitures are also from Daiso I bought a long time ago.  Remember this project...  I can't find anymore of these furnitures. *sigh*

Waking up in the morning seeing them on my wall brightens up my day =)

So what are your current cravings?



liliput said...

ang cute naman marix! ang galing ng pag-alter mo :)

Deehellseven said...

I really love this idea! Before this, I was struggling with whether to collect the large or mini Lalaloopsy dolls.. But now I've decided to go with the minis because they are easier to make dioramas for >< Looks like alot of fun!