Monday, July 11, 2016

Every good and perfect gift...

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is from above - James 1:17

This is 6x6 mini album for a baby boy.  I used the Mambi Kit and just add on some papers from my stash.  As always I used my Zutter to bind the pages and I usually use scrap paper boards or chip boards for the covers cut to size.

Here are a few pages

I added the verse with my own handwriting, not so happy with the outcome but I still put in anyway LOL

Some have inserts to add more photos or journaling

I made this in less than 4 hours, so I guess having a kit really helps when you're in a hurry =)

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Quick DIY cards

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A simple birthday card, love how my brush lettering and the color of the pen blended with the paper

A thank you card, flowers and stickles are a perfect combo for embellishments :)

Monday, April 18, 2016

The spell was broken

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Feels so good to scrap again! And pink it is!  I was asked by a friend to create an invitation for a debutante, only requirement is that it should have a touch of pink.

I'm not good in digital scrapping but I did try to come up with something.

And so I resorted to my traditional scrapping.  Thankfully her dress is pink so I was able to work around my current humongous stash of scrapbook supplies.

The invitation

The guestbook, cover and few pages with her photos

The complete set

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Hello February

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So what have I been busy with?  I'm now taking calligraphy seriously.  I'm a slow learner but I am determined more than ever to practice and learn the craft :)

The very first challenge that I joined in Instagram was run by HandletteredABCs, which is writing one letter per day.  So happy I was able to complete the challenge! And was able to do some additional projects in between.
Here is my top nine letters, and 3 of these were given shoutouts, thank you!

It has always been my personality that I love variety, so in a span of one month I was able to accumulate a handful of brush pens and a few nibs in my collection.

I was able to appreciate my old stuff of scrapbook stash, by using papers as background in my photography, or writing in them and even found my embossing pens really fun to use to create my number 1 post.

Yes the letter Q was the most challenging one that took me several tries and I even created a video, yey for that!

Here's one of the lettering that didn't pass since the color of the paper did not match with my embossing powder.

And my water soluble crayons was so much fun to use, made me feel like a real artist while using it =D

And here is my very first quote art, almost ruined the paper with all the erasures LOL.  I've always wanted to do something like this.  Thanks to tutorials in Youtube and the challenges I was able to push myself to try new things.

There are a few lettering challenges over IG, let's just see how I can cope up LOL

Monday, November 09, 2015